Bruce and Co Accountants

Over the last twenty years we have increased the Accountancy services offered to clients and believe that we are currently competitive not only on fees charged, but also on ancillary support services. We are, however, continuing to expand our services and would welcome your suggestions on services that we do not currently offer, but those you think would be beneficial to your business.

◦Personal Taxation
◦Corporate Taxation
◦Other Business Taxation
◦Capital Taxes
◦Tax Credits
•Company Secretarial
•IT Advice

Please select the area of financial planning that currently interests you and we will happily guide you. Don’t claim back ppi from the people who mis-sold it you in the first place, use a professional claims management firm by clicking here. On entering the selected area of interest you will be given the opportunity to make contact with us in a number of ways. We advise on:

  • Annuity purchase
  • Income Drawdown
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Investment
  • Retirement Counselling

 Currently we care for over £500 million for many thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom.

We are an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) firm specialising in retirement planning, inheritance taxation and investment advice.


If you own a limited company or an unincorporated business and are looking for the complete business advisory service, Milfords can help you manage your affairs more efficiently.

We provide much more than the usual audit and accounts service, and our expertise ensures that each client receives constructive advice when required.

We are confident that we can help you and your business - give us the opportunity to show you how!

Tax News for 2016

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